Hair is one of the most significant points regarding appearance. It is a decisive means of expressing our personality to and within our social and familiar surroundings.

Therefore me and my team’s first and foremost priority is to maintain efficiency and respect towards the art of hair styling and coiffure. Also we make sure that the hair salon is informed by all the current trends and techniques. We are constantly aware of the various hair styling products that are currently in vogue and making sure that we do not betray the trust of clients who literally lay their hair in the hands of our experienced team.

Respectfully and with great passion we always think ahead. We are aware of all the recent trends and create hair styling which stimulates the senses!


The experience of our hair salon is truly fun. We have invested in the finest hair styling academies and we believe that your hair hair is in good hands. We also guarantee hygiene and safety as many specialized tools we use are sterilized in a special furnace and are placed afterwards in their compartments like brand-new.

We are constantly aware of the current and most popular trends in hair coloring. We have taken special seminars on coloring, techniques, while the counselors of Vasilis Mountakis hairways can help you find the best way of changing your hair color, according of course to personal preferences, and uplifting your mood.

At our hair salon you will find the best extensions of the market since we have been cooperating with “Great Extensions” a high-standard corporation. We use 100% natural hair and the most efficient and contemporary equipment and machinery which are based on the method of cold fusion. We guarantee such a good result that you may very well forget that you are wearing extensions.

We here at Vasilis Mountakis Hairways take very seriously the treatment of feet and hands. Therefore this treatment takes place in specially formed and equipped rooms, by specially trained staff.

As we are catering to your personal appearance, we could not avoid offering a make-up session that is worthy of the image you aspire to.

Our outlook on hair therapy is absolutely aligned with our overall philosophy. Therefore we believe that beautiful hair is first and foremost healthy hair. We can then offer to you a wide range of hair therapy choices. The perfect elixir for your hair! The Kerastase therapies take place in specially formed and equipped rooms. We dim the lights, light scented candles and play light music creating thus a beautiful and pleasant atmosphere and overall image to the gift you will make to yourself.

We additionally offer the innovative therapy Brazilian Keratin which will make you redefine your hair. This will straighten your hair. The effects of this therapy could last for nearly 16 weeks thanks to nano-atoms of natural keratin that penetrate the core of the hair healing thus all the damaged and worn out parts of your hair.

For any information fill in your details and we will contact you as soon as possible.